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  • Sep26 Vancouver, CA Vancouver Art Gallery
  • Sep19 Vancouver, CA Vancouver Art Gallery
  • Sep19 Vancouver, CA Bikram Yoga, Commercial Drive
  • Sep12 Vancouver, CA Sunset Beach
  • Sep11 Vancouver, CA Vancouver Art Gallery
  • Sep05 Vancouver, CA Sunset Beach


Alex started stand-up comedy in 1997, because it was cheaper than therapy. Alex did comedy full time up till around 2010, until his life took a crazy detour. From 2009-2015 he built a global cult following as a men’s dating coach. Alex discovered that one’s ability to attract amazing connections is in direct correlation to one’s level of self love and acceptance. In 2015 Alex founded the Infinite Man Summit, where he inspired thousands of men to live fearlessly!

Alex’s spiritual awakening began in 2009, however things moved very quickly from 2015. Alex travelled the world seeking enlightened masters and healers. In 2016, Alex started the Woke As F**K Podcast, where he interviews beings on the path of self-realization.

Alex is currently working on a comedy special, a conscious clothing line, and an app that connects beings that are building the new earth.

Alex’s greatest passion is reminding everyone that their nature is love and that all we have to do to be happy is to start living our unique soul’s purpose! 

Alex performs regularly in Vancouver and is currently most active on Instagram.

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